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The Elements: Friend or Foe?

Fond du Lac - Bridge

Two days. Sixty locations. One commercial.

We needed a lot of footage for this commercial because it’s edited in a style in which the subject moves from the left to the right of the screen—or stays in the middle of the screen but increases in size as she walks closer to the camera—while the background changes rapidly behind her; her wardrobe and the lighting are also constantly jump cutting with the background. This rapid succession of cuts visually portrays Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College’s concept of “The Journey.”

In order to get that number of shots, we travelled around Cloquet and Duluth, accumulating shots of local landmarks that a Fond du Lac student would be likely to visit. From Gordy’s to Canal Park and many places in between, we raced a rainstorm and constantly vied for the lead. The spontaneous nature of the storm caused several different lighting situations from place to place and created a variety of looks for the finished video, which again, helped to reinforce Fond du Lac’s campaign message.

FDLTCC The Journey from Parthe, Inc on Vimeo.